The Truth Is No Words

Of all the oddities modern communication could produce, one of the most profound is the ability to combine verbal and visual communication styles. Expression through sequences of both words and pictures, in most cases memes that combine multiple associations in one image, enables us to transmit inherent context to a broad-based audience. Now, listeners/viewers have a clearer understanding of meaning without necessarily knowing the intrinsic motivations or deep-seating causes behind any thought.

While this style typically feels “broken,” or at least grammatically improper, it carries far greater weight than either element on its own power. Additionally, flexible meaning now exists. Many images, especially those arising from pop culture, can be adapted to a number of situations and implications. This results in an expressive challenge to each recipient of each message: Do better. Modern culture is now not only challenged with creating new content, it is also tasked with finding new ways to make said content relevant across potentially innumerable contexts.


In the age of Social Media, wherein every brand has a voice and every person is their own brand, relationships are the golden thought. Brands develop specific presence in the social landscape in order to better connect with their target audiences. Individuals are strongly encouraged to ascribe to certain brand loyalties through guided brand interactions, both in real and digital life. The supreme irony of this landscape is that it actually decreases brand loyalty.

I am a dedicated brand enthusiast. I will stand by your label, if I believe in it, until you distance yourself from my core belief in your brand value. I learned long ago that brand loyalty has substantial rewards. I’m not looking for incentives to change loyalties- I am happy to pay my dues to stay a part of that associative image complex. By consistently supporting a brand, whether a particular bar, product, band, or website, I assimilate that image into my own brand identity.

I, personally, am a wretched snob, and do quite well maintaining that concept. Luxury brands and products are my stock-in-trade. Brand positioning is a language in which I am exceptionally fluent. This is an oddly reciprocal process: Brands with which I associate myself become associated with me on some level. This provides leverage for both parties on an inequitable but entirely functional level.

Those relationships are certainly not the most meaningful on a personal level; however, they do contribute something real to an otherwise artificial arrangement. I fervently believe in the positive benefits of these brand associations toward my lifestyle and my social standing. And brands know that I, as a loyal consumer, am happy to contribute financially toward the continual operations of those brands. In an odd way, I have earned a decent amount of the benefits I receive from these companies, and, for me, that only makes them more real.

Hi! My name- what? My name is- who? My name is… #FrenchRebellion #Coterie (at Jacob K Javits Convention Center)

Hi! My name- what? My name is- who? My name is… #FrenchRebellion #Coterie (at Jacob K Javits Convention Center)

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

The Future is the Past

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell

Everyone in “modern” culture is seemingly consumed with recreating the past:
"Let’s recreate The [Warhol] Factory (1962-1984)."
"I was at this wild Surrealist (1924-1966) party the other night."
"There’s no Nirvana (1987-1994) these days."

I myself am guilty of these thoughts and aims. In debating their merits with others, I find myself constantly moving backwards. It is one ambition to advance the previous with respect or reference to the past, it is entirely another to attempt to reverse the machinery of societal progress.

I mean no disrespect to the forefathers of art and culture. They, in turn, had their own historical perspectives to draw from; however, they did not attempt to revert to a foregone era. They struggled through addiction, depression, and poverty to create new artistic movements. They fought racism, classicism, Nazis, and capitalists to forge a new social ideology for all people.

So, after all the cultural advances of the 20th century, where is our progress? We should be infinitely enabled by technology, and yet, we find ourselves looking ever backwards. In my opinion, art is slowly coming about to ask where the lines between reality and everything else are drawn. This question should be a scream, not some mild inquiry. What we need is not some clever trompe l’oeil, but a violent, visceral, fanatical belief that is forcibly broken into thousands of little liturgies before being pieced back together in a new and glorious stained-glass religion.

The saying goes, “Those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.” What mistakes have we not properly understood that condemn us to repeat them now? What value is this rich history we have been given if all we do is recite and repeat it? I dare you, as I do myself, to create a new legacy: A legacy for today and tomorrow, not yesteryear. Invent new colors; create new art forms; shatter the commonly held; be new and wild and free.

Control the past, so that we might control a new future.


A brief aside from NYFW madness to discuss some terminology for the rest of the social action that happens in and around FW:

"Invite": Short for "invitation". Does not necessarily imply a direct invitation- can be through friends or just found on Instagram someplace.
Did you get the invite for the Prabal show?

"Sleep": To pass on an event or invitation, often implying lack of interest or other commitments.
I slept on the first day of shows- had other stuff to take care of.

"Confirm": Confirmation of an RSVP to an event or show. The only way to ensure attendance at a particular event.
I replied but didn’t get a confirm.

"List": The guest and VIP list for an event. Infers a prior confirmation.
I’m on the list but can’t go- if you like, take my spot.

"Know": 1. Knowledge or information, especially regarding an event or behind-the-scenes events;
She doesn’t look like it, but she’s got the know.
2. Someone with status or celebrity. Also includes people with necessary influence to effect attendance.
Anyone we know at that party?

"Situation": Arrangement for a party. Typically includes attendance, door/crowd control, and open-bar.
What’s the situation where you are?

"ETA": Estimated Time of Arrival. Used in this context to coordinate arrivals/departures.
En route. ETA?

"Connect": Connections. Someone with the influence or information for a particular event.
Any connects there?

"Reg": A regular attendee, especially at a recurring show or club.
I’m a reg- we can get in, easy.

"Rager": A big party. Almost always includes big celebrities, an open bar, and a lot of people.
Total rager. Come ASAP.

"Mess": A bad party, typically indicating a long line or excessively rambunctious crowd.
Ugh, that looks like a mess. Let’s try someplace else.

Please, use this knowledge responsibly. Show-offs should stay on the runway.

To the left, to the left. @cadetusa for #TheEsquire #NYFW #menswear

To the left, to the left. @cadetusa for #TheEsquire #NYFW #menswear

#Haspel for #TheEsquire #nyfw #menswear

#Haspel for #TheEsquire #nyfw #menswear

More @propercloth w/ #TheEsquire #NYFW

More @propercloth w/ #TheEsquire #NYFW

Q&A w/ @dianaschmidtke @propercloth and #TheEsquire @esquiremag #NYFW #gygg (at Parlor)

Q&A w/ @dianaschmidtke @propercloth and #TheEsquire @esquiremag #NYFW #gygg (at Parlor)